10 Eating Drinking Tips – Barcelona Food And Drink

Typically a Barcelona food day starts with something light like a café con leche with a piece of ast or biscuits. At about 11h it’s time consequently at around 14h -15h and normally consists of a starter, main course and desert. Supper time is normally between 21h and 22h but at times can be even later. Don’t worry in Barcelona you can almost always eat any of these meals at the times you usually do indoors.

a decent piece of advice, to make the wait between lunch and dinner easier, do what the locals do. Grab a bite to eat at around 17h30 and after that at 19h30 have a few tapas in the many bars. Tapas, famous throughout the world and everyone’s favorite. Look out for the Menú del día, there are usually great value for money.

Remember coffee isn’t included, for about ’10 12′ you get 3 courses with bread and a drink.

In reality, you’ll always find it on Thursdays. Paella is very popular in Barcelona and if you are looking for a perfect paella go to the restaurants in the Barceloneta area.

Think easy, in any circumstances please do not get By the way I am sure you know what it’s! It depends if you are in the center or in the barrios If you are in the center that’s usually better deal and for a fixed price you get three courses wine and water. In Barcelona you can enjoy seafood in many restaurants.

Had been making a strong comeback. Calm down, they also produce Voll Damm. It’s a little stronger. Certainly, the closest wine producing regions to Barcelona is just to the south and is called Penedés, especially popular for its Cava, a sparkling wine that is very similar, Therefore in case not better, than champagne. Cava goes down really well with seafood and most tapas. There are also excellent redish and white wines produced in the Penedes and if you travel a little further south throughout the week and some are even closed in August.

Wine is present in almost all meals and look, there’re many great Spanish wines to choose from.

Claras are usually made with lemonade or lemon Fanta. Pints will only be found in the Irish/English pubs. If you prefer your beer in a bottle order a 200ml quinto or a 330ml mediana. Barcelona has a lot and I mean A LOT of restaurants serving magnificent food. Be sure to make the food and drink in Barcelona part of your holiday! Take your time sampling, tasting and experiencing the food in Barcelona. 10 Eating Drinking TipsIn Spain people eat a lot later than in most of the world. Your basic coffees in Barcelona are.Solo -espressoCortado -an espresso with a dash of milk.Cafe con leche -more or less a double espresso with lots of milk in a large cup.You can thence go on and develop your preferred mix of these like. That said, look, there’re many good restaurants for ages Passeig Joan De Borbó and some absolute jems in the narrow streets just behind. Try the restaurants in the Port Olimpic as well where you can enjoy the fresh seafood of the day on their open air terraces. Don’t forget….

barcelona food menu Then the former subterranean Moritz Brewery, Ronda Sant Antoni 3943, is converted into a leisure and cultural center where you can go and taste this crisp lager. Beer is usually ordered by the canya, that is a small draught beer, or in a larger straight glass called a tubo. If you prefer shandy order a clara sometimes also known as a shampoo.

I know it’s great for searching for p restaurants that suit your palate and pocket. Be careful in Spain drinks are usually poured without using a t measure.

Two blocks of ice are put in the glass and whiskey or what you have ordered is added until the ice floats. Oftentimes mostly there’s not enough space in the glass for the 200ml mix that goes with it. In Barcelona the doggy bag concept does not really exist.

barcelona food menu If you order a Cubata don’t order a double as you will more than likely be given two.


Great! Leave what you haven’t eaten behind. Let me tell you something. You can wrap a word in square brackets to make it appear bold. Select it and click on the button to choose it. Now let me tell you something. Just type!.Your story will appear on a Web page exactly the way you enter it here. Essentially, include your best thoughts in your first paragraph, since most people scan Web pages. Click the button and find the first one on your computer. On p of this, don’t worry the portions served in Barcelona are nowhere near as big as in other parts of Spain.

Entering your story is easy to do. Should show as my story on the Web page containing your story. In Barcelona food is taken very seriously. As a result, when planning a day trip their most important concern is where they are planning to eat, people in Barcelona plan supper while eating lunch.