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barcelona art As soon as again your kids are exposed to a lot of languages helping them develop amazing communicational skills.

a piece of Britain in Barcelona.

Opened in 1966 Kensington is the oldest British curriculum school in Barcelona teaching their subjects in accordance with the National Curriculum for England and Wales. Similarly to English School Barcelona, Kensington relies on a relativelyfairly small student body with intention to offer a better quality education. Did you know that the Barcelona Academy of Art opened in September 2013 and aims at teaching drawing, painting, sculpture and digital art using a full curriculum and teaching methods derived from classical realist tradition.

Its methodology originated in the Renaissance and was revived by the major academic Ateliers of the late nineteenth century.

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Any plan for the weekend? We recommend you better apps to travel. It’s a well the Mobile World Congress is in Barcelona. With all that said… Hey, do not miss the 1st Forum BGB with the most relevant industry professionals! All info here. Yes, that’s right! International students represent 65percent of tal enrollment while 75 of the teaching staff are foreign,. Local teachers also speak Spanish and Catalan. Eventually, the specificity of the curriculum of the Barcelona Academy of Art attracts students from across the planet.