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barcelona dc With Lionel Messi in their team, the Blaugranare always going to hit back -even when they are not playing well, sevilla swarmed all over Barcelona in a fantastic first half at the Sanchez Pizjuan. At very similar time, Guardiola was able to exploit his goal scoring talent.

He used to play in the right wing, to take advantage of his best leg, the left one, when he started with Barcelona.

After Guardiola placed him as fake central forward, that he has absolute free mobility, he has scored 100 goals in the last 100 official games, fake in the sense he isn’t the typical forward playing in the middle. Nevertheless, guardiola was right when he said that what Messi enjoys the most is scoring goals. His performances leave no doubt of his ability to find the back of the net, he ain’t a central forward in a strict sense. Notice that he has the won the three of them in a row, as only Platini did.

barcelona dc Main difference is that the Frenchman was 30, and Messi is six years younger.

He has won three Ballons d’ equaling Cruyff, Van Basten and Platini, as a player.

He has the potential for winning seven or eight throughout his career, as Johan Cruyff said. Now that Messi has become the youngest player to reach 200 league games last Sunday against Valencia, I know it’s interesting to wrapup his numbers. Eventually, he is the father of Barcelona’s modern soccer success and nothing explains his influence in our club better than the cover of France Football Magazine with three Barcelona shirts. Famous 3 times over. Certainly, father being Cruyff, the Son being Guardioland the Holy Spirit being Messi. Since this month we play against Levante we will introduce a prominent figure of both clubs and 3 time winner of the Ballon d’.

barcelona dc Johan Cruyff.

Both teams are still a work in progress.

Ramon Besa, of El Pais, puts it bestthis clásico wasn’t a classic. There was something missing from this Clásico. The question is. Elsewhere,Pep’s Bayern fought to a ’32’ win in Germany, and Mourinho’s Chelsea ok advantage of a late Manchester City mistake to win 2With both teams in transition, has the epicenter of world football shifted north? Meanwhile, Tito was in thestands. Lacked the ferocity of a Mourinho side, had Messi scored his oneonone opportunity against Diego Lopez in the first half. Besides, the result could’ve been closer to Barça’s historic ‘manita’ than 2Madrid responded capably.

barcelona dc It very well may soon be back, even if so.


There were a few tense moments but it lacked intensity throughout. Usually, different formations weren’t a poser, with that said, this was also as long as. Both teams played a ‘433’. With all that said… Second half belonged to Modric, the first half’s most important player was Iniesta. Possession was a whole lot better indicator this time as to who was dominating the match at any given moment, as wasn’t always the case in previous Clasicos. Actually, Jesé’s goal was Madrid’s only counterattack of the match, and Madrid had 46 possession, a significant increase from previous Clasicos. That said, this marks a dramatic change from the Mourinho era of counterattacks. Has yet to convince many in the Spanish capital, ancelotti is fully committed to the ‘4 3 3’ and to striving to maintain possession.

Therefore this definitely signals a change in intent.

With him we can be assure.

After that he moved to Australia where he surfed and ran marathons worldwide before he came back to replace Guardiolas the coach of FC Barcelona B team. He coached for one season AS Romand Celta de Vigo before landing again in Barcelona. That’s true. Just think for a moment. We must apply it to ourselves now can not change our values as the circumstances change, as Carles Fité’s article illustrates.

Coming back to the league identity, Jorge Valdano said that if Barcelona did snatch this season’s Spanish league to Barcelona, the historical conversion process in which Barcelona steals any trophy and success to Madrid must be complete.

Even now, when the club is having its most successful years?

It looks as if this mental aspect is only one component we have not changed in the last years of successes, as if Cruyff’s years were the exception to the rule, with Johan Cruyff we were able to reverse the situation. With that said, really? Consequently, dani Alves said before the Leverkusen game that Barcelona is a pessimist club. If you have the ball, The most important thing is the rhythm of the ball; Know what guys, I rather win 5 4 than 1 0″; The ball is an essential part of the game; Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the hardest thing there’s, the other team doesn’t have it.

What was that revolution?

Cruyff changed not only the way FC Barcelona played, and the way Catalan people played.

He also transformed a position known as the 4 in something like a quarterback whose main job was to distribute the ball and is executed at its best by Pep Guardioland Xavi. He/she must be Catalan, Therefore in case you’re in an amateur game and you see a player scanning around like a giraffe instead of running. This is the case. Cruyff became a coach with the mission of improvingtotal footballand he brought his tactical revolution to Barcelona in He also had a request that would’ve been key in the future of Barcelona’s soccer success. Every Barcelona fan has a tally different aphorism of the master that summarizes it. Like better oracles a few of them seem very obvious but we must understand that before him plenty of the training was physical exercise and the ball was used often as a balloon that had to be played with the head. That said, this Champions League edition has a special incentive.

Essentially, beating Leverkusen in their stadium, in addition to being difficult, prove the players look for more.

Barcelona wins it, it would’ve been the first team in history to win it consecutively.

There’re a few teams which won the European Championship in its old edition.

Wednesday’s result shows the infinite hunger the team still has. Also, as he confessed once, nobody knows why he said that. My wife asks, when I get home right after doing analysis for TV. That’s right! You can lose against Italy or in the land of the blind, the oneeyed man is king, but he’s still a ‘one eyed’ man, he plays golf and sometimes he appears on Dutch TV analyzing games where he says things like British football has improve since they have foreign players or Italy can’t win. I respond. No clue whatsoever. Anyways, what did you say? I think he was a great captain.

Luís was a great example as a captain.

I have learned many things from him and I will always be grateful.

Those were difficult times. On p of that, amongst the things I regret the most is that the season after he left we won and he could not lift any trophy, and he deserved it. Next season, with Louis Van Gaal, he scored 18 goals and won the first of the 2 consecutive Ligas he helped us earn. Whenever starting his career as a coach, in his first season in Barcelona, Luis Enrique scored more goals in la Liga, was so chaotic and unpredictable that an overwhelmed Guardiola spent normally in the pitch attempting to put the players in order. That’s not the significant problem.

When asked in press conference about the league, mascherano answered that while the league did not depend on them, they had the obligation to win almost any single game and to wait for Madrid to make a mistake.

It going to be unsustainable to aspire to chase the league if we are not consistent.

Basically the for a while for us if it just turns into a countdown for Madrid to win the title, while this can be true. On the one hand, against Osasuna, Barça showed its historical incapacity to chase Madrid while facing a big point difference, what Alfredo Relaño called different DNAs. When he said the league is intending to for any longer for Madrid, last week I pointed to Piqué’s words as appropriate. That’s where trouble has arisen. The uncertain part is Barça’s irregularity outside the Camp Nou. As Mourinho said, they will eventually drop And so it’s true that Madrid is having an outstanding performance in the league. Notice that everyone in Catalunya knew the good Asturian midfielder was Luis Enrique who had signed with Real Madrid 2 years before.

In the start of the 90s, the almost ‘hundred year old’ Sporting de Gijón, a team from Asturias and popular in Spain for its soccer school had a pretty good squad of young players.

The big teams wanted to fish there, and Barcelona signed up a midfielder named Iván Iglesias, whose most famous performance in his brief stay in Camp Nou was to be passing by when Romario sent him the ball to score the 5th goal against Real Madrid in the ’93 94′ season, as it always happens.

You will realize this if you see a photo of him with a Spanish national team shirt and his face stained with blood in the course of the US World Cup when Italian Mauro Tassotti broke his nose in a corner kick. Needless to say, he was skilled but above all fearless. Basically, carletto’s decision to play Ramos in the midfield instead of starting Illaramendi clearly backfired. Martino and Ancelotti chose their starting elevens cautiously. With all that said… Rather reactive, the changes they made in their team’s lineups weren’t bold. While bringing him back to his roots in case you are going to allow Cesc to play in the middle of Barcelona’s front three, has also raised a few eyebrows, while Ancelotti is obviously the coach whose decisions are now being questioned and criticized, s decision to play Messi on the right wing.

Did playing Bale instead of Benzema.

So it is true especially when it boils down to results.

We all know that FC Barcelona is living better years of its history under Pep Guardiola. Therefore, in addition to winning, that has raised admiration from most of fans and professionals is the way by which FC Barcelona has played. Guardiola’s team has won 13 16 out official titles. Ultimately, these chants represent a much larger problem, one that is deeply engrained in the fringes of society. In the aftermath of another heated Clasico, Dani Alves, FC Barcelona’s right back, dejectedly pointed out that the fight against racism in Spanish football is a lost cause.

In a time when racism is supposedly a thing of the past, to release bottled up emotions that they wouldn’t be free to express elsewhere.

Angry and offensive taunts are common, to the point that insulting the other team has become an accepted sign of the more committed fan.

Sadly, therefore this kind of behavior is only the most recent for ages tradition of racism in football. He was referring to the monkey noises that some Real Madrid supporters chanted at him whenever he uched the ball. Actually, these insults most probably came from the infamous Parroquia Blanca section of the Bernabeu, that also joined in calling Messi a subnormal, the Spanish term for a mentally challenged person. While taking advantage of Ramos’s poor positioning and Madrid’s midfield struggles in making tackles and regaining possession, iniesta thrived between the lines. Neymar should move into Cesc’s false 9 position, Cesc should drop back into the midfield, and Iniesta should temporarily take over Neymar’s position on the left wing, where he played at times last season.