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barcelona a love untold cast By 1748, the 42yearold Franklin had become the richest men in Pennsylvania. Vivid visuals of Barcelona, Spain itself embraced the highly warranted pairing of Bernardo and Padilla.I highly think that their continued attachment to every other’s acting skills makes this film appeal even to the ‘non youth’ market.Barcelona is all about two people sharing missed chances, paths voided, risks disdained -making sure that love stays afloat to fight for what’s right and learning to pull it off under any circumstances. Due to popular demand, it was extended up to four weeks in the USA, Canada, UAE, Australia and in Barcelona. While stirring just a decent quantity of chemistry, kathryn Bernardo Daniel Padilla surpasses the eyecandy stage.

barcelona a love untold cast It would have been how confined they have shown Mia Ely’s characters, if there were pitfalls in this film.

No spoilers and you’re welcome.

I think it even focused more on how the character of Celine sifted through their own lives, on how they managed to settle it -I’ll leave it up to you to watch. Anyway, the tal gross of the film is ₱321 million, including box office gains from screenings outside the Philippines. Then the theme song of the film, I’ll Never Love This Way was originally sung by Dionne Warwick. Gary Valenciano as well as by Jona. I’m sure it sounds familiar.

Mostly there’re two the song versions. This is the case. Watching Padilla Bernardo struggle in Barcelona -juggling both work love emotions is a sad affair.

barcelona a love untold cast Moviegoers inside the cinema scoffs and giggle simultaneously.

Olivia Lamasan’s way of fleshing out their extremely serious characters worked out almost halfway through the film.

And now here is a question. It was made lesser painful to moviegoers with uhm, Padilla’s shirtless exposure and just like proving their worth. Did you know that the movie follows the story of Ely, a young man who can’t get over his past love. Consequently, the question is how? In Barcelona he juggles work with his studies as he aims to get his master’s degree.

After a series of mistakes in the past. He so meets Mia, a girl who sees Spain as a fresh start. BARCELONA is a film to be believed. That said, give it a chance. Notice that nazamel Tabares, a movie blogger for Movies Philippines also rated the film 2 stars out of 5 and went to say that there’s nothing new in the film and nothing worth keeping after seeing. Je of Philippine Entertainment Portal reviewed the film as still falling into the pitfalls of Star Cinema cliches. Certainly, Rod Magaru, an entertainment blogger, rated the film 9 10 out and called it a masterpiece of 2016″ and commended Carmi Raymundo for the way she wrote the flashbacks and added that it’s one of her best. And that’s fine, A Love Untold becomes a film of blemished beauty. Philbert Ortiz Dy of rated the film 2 stars out of 5 commenting that the is just oddly constructed all around. Yes, that’s right! Edmund Silvestre, New York City correspondent for Philstar Global Entertainment wrote, Barcelona is an enchanting tearjerker. Oggs Cruz of Rappler gave a negative review stating that the film is dull and ineffective, and added that the film feels a lot to address, and the movie just doesn’t seem willing to do the work to give all these problems the time they need.

Also as bona fide dramatic actors that have successfully gotten past their teeny bopper roles, A Love Untold marks a completely new era for Kathryn and Daniel since it makes moviegoers appreciate them not simply as a bankable love team.

Film review published in Bandera of Philippine Daily Inquirer noted that Barcelona. Accordingly a Love Untold ain’t just a kilig movie, and gave score 8 Maureen out Marie Belmonte of Push conclude. By 7 October, the film had already grossed at least ₱300 million. Film earned 130 million pesos on its fifth day of showing. On its twelfth day of release, the film earned a tal of 200 million pesos. Accordingly the film earned ₱23 million on its first day of showing surpassing Imagine You and Me for the highest openingday gross for a Filipino film for the year. It earned approximately $ 434000 in its first 3 showing days in North America.