Barcelona Restaurant Columbus Ohio Menu: On Weekends The Scene Turned Clubby (Think Rave Not Golf)

barcelona restaurant columbus ohio menu It can also feel like the restaurant time forgot.

Blownglass art, wroughtiron railings and burgundy curtains seem like relics.

Then the cool jazz soundtrack evokes Sunday brunch on Polaris Parkway. Conversation doesn’t come easily, Service can be weirdly formal and distant. However, similarly decadent and destined for longevity is the Costillas, a tapa of braised beef short rib in a smooth blue cheese sauce with greenish olive aioli and a nest of fried leeks. Anyway, hough was inspired to experiment with short ribs and beef cheeks after visiting a Jose Garces restaurant in Philadelphia. My first impressions were formed back when Barcelona’s star was on the rise. Pretty stained glass windows and tapas before small plates were everywhere, it was upscale dining without the carpeted hush, with exposed brick. I’m sure you heard about this. I had just moved back to Columbus from LA, and my new ‘coworkersa’ band of in the know advertising ‘execs took’ me there for lunch. That is interesting right? On weekends, the scene turned clubby. In summer, a table on the ‘light strewn’ patio surrounded by bright dark blue umbrellas and chartreuse plants was like being in the center of the city.

barcelona restaurant columbus ohio menu What does $ 10 buy you at Barcelona for lunch?

You’ll get a whoppingly large, ‘dinnersized’ entree plus an appetizer and one of three preselected side dishes, Therefore in case you order from the newish prix fixe Menu del Dia write.

Potentially, a whole lot. Served with a rich and ‘lettuce y’ slaw, the prix fixe side they went best with was the thin fried potato wedges. On p of this, the other two sides available are also perfectly fine, if not exactly exciting. My favorite main course special was the crabcakes. They got a bunch of their flavor honestly from actual crabmeat, apart from a lemony aioli.

Needless to say, a quartet of meaty, golfballsized flattened orbs arrived with attractive and thin panko crusts. Essentially, they’ve been almost without any flavor.

barcelona restaurant columbus ohio menu Besides, a sauce resembling drawn butter turned out to be saffron cider vinegar.

The other sauce, sofrito aoli, was also a lame duck.

They have been possibly the most tender squid rings I’ve ever had. Not much flavor there. It’s aafter 16 years at the helm.

Hough had trained at culinary school in Pennsylvania and done a stint at Universal Studios in Orlando.

He’d been cooking at Barcelona only about a year. Local artwork rotates on and off the walls. Light red glass candles make the cavernous room warm and intimate. A well-known fact that is. Inside, the dining room is long like a bowling alley. Occasionally, you’ll catch a bite of sweetness from a chopped date. Although, hough tweaks the menu every week depending on what’s in season and available.

One entree has remained unchanged since ‘1996the’ Vieiras, panseared sea scallops on a creamy concoction of baby lima beans, bacon and mushrooms.

Barcelona’s light red sangria, a tempranillo from Spain’s Toro region, could’ve run me off the road, it was so aggressive.

I finally found a winner in a tempranillo cabernet sauvignon blend from Gran Coronas. Aside from a sip of my friend’s French Pear, a refreshing cocktail with St. Its swift replacement, Atteca old vine grenache, was less in your face. Germain elderflower liqueur and cava, it ok me a while to find a drink I liked. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. I especially appreciated that Barcelona’s lunchtime Arroz con Pollo was ‘paellaish’ and made with healthy light brown rice and lima beans plus spicy chorizo. Write by the time we downed an amuse bouche of pickled vegetables and pistachios, all uniform in size and crunch, off wooden spoontulas, the power was back on.