Barcelona Summer Under The Catalan Sun – Food And Drink: Barcelona Urs

barcelona food and wine tour When you taste the food you will discover why, just grabbing a bite to eat is just not an option. In Barcelona eating comes first. Spanish food is very good and among the healthiest diets on earth. In Barcelona preparing to Barcelona in the summer.

So there’re events that run all through summer like the Música als Parcs held in quite a few city’s most beautiful gardens, and the Sala Montjuc Outdoor Film Festival in Castell de Montjuc.

barcelona food and wine tour Barcelona’s own festival, La Merce, is made up of hundreds of cultural attractions and events including quite a few best street parties.

Nighttime provides a completely different enticement type, while you do you best to get to Barcelona’s numerous historic mustsees so many have yet been mentioned such the Gothic Quarter and Montjuc while the sun is out.

Go exploring by day and hereupon party at night! Day urs are a popular option as well. So there’re other interesting destinations in Catalonia within striking distance of the city. Take a day trip from Barcelona to Girona and Costa Brava, visit the ancient fortifications around the city so wend your way to the Mediterranean. Choose a Montserrat ur from Barcelona to visit the Santa Maria de Montserrat Monastery and take in the majestic Montserrat mountain range. While carrying the Head and Hearth of Catalonia as its sobriquet, while that distinction belongs to Madrid, barcelona is, nonetheless, the capital of the Catalan Region.

Then the famous city along the Costa Meresme, Barcelona’s reputation is a lot live up to, and live up to it the city sure does. Due to its popularity, the city is often mistaken as the Spanish capital. Go at your favourite pace and enjoy some of the city’s attractions using a Barcelona Card.

Remember, parc Guell, Casa Mila, and Casa Batllo. You can visit some of Gaudí’s works, most notably, with it. Accordingly the card gives you free and unlimited transport using the bus, tram, or metro, and gives you access to discounts on for shows, souvenirs, and restaurants. And now here is a question. Not one for structured tours?

Quite a few travelers flock to Spain for the warm climate but summers can get muggy.

Most, if not all, Barcelona sightseeing urs will include a Gaudí spot or two.

Luckily, Barcelona’s summers are cooler other Spanish cities. What’s a trip to this city without Gaudí? Spare yourself the wait and pick a fast track skip the line Sagrada Familia tour. Did you know that the number one stop is the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia. Undulating features of his fairytale like building facades are difficult to miss and truly memorable. Even luckier, in Barcelona, urists attractions are varied and plentiful.