Barcelona Travel Blog By Runner Bean – Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants In Barcelona

barcelona food and drink prices Long queues aren’t enough of a discouragement for ardent tourists. That said, this work is symbolic of both Barcelona and Gaudí, and it receives the most number of visitors among all the attractions in the city. At some point of your holiday, you might find that perfect outdoor terrace of a traditional tapas bar. And therefore, Therefore if you decide with a glass of wine in hand, to share a nibble with friends, let me tell you about your most possibly options. Whenever listing reviews of afternoon stroll with Zoe and a few friends discovering Barcelona our Gaudí daily Free Tour 👆barcelonafreetourgreenumbrella Jarrod with Lauren Cooper right after our Gaudí Free Walking Tour. Thanks a million for the photo, Lisa 👍Gauditoursmilingfaces Great Gaudi walking ur day with Jarrod. Hope you all enjoyed it!! It’s a well not something they mention on their website but Palau Güell is open for free the first Sunday of every month. Look, that’s morrow!! Tickets are given at 10am for the morning visits and at 30pm for the afternoon visits.

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Al navegar en nuestro sitio, aceptas el uso de ellas. Ver nuestra política de cookies. Therefore in case you like your food spicy, be aware that the taste was adjusted to the Spanish palette so, insist a lot. They actually use a clay oven which gives a great flavour to the vegetables. With that said, this Indian restaurant is located in the very trendy neighbourhood of Gràcia and has a huge option of vegan dishes. They also serve masala dosas which make a great main course. You see, the one here goes p I have ever tried, not usually a seitan fan. Service can be a bit slow. Now pay attention please. It has a great value lunch time buffet.

barcelona food and drink prices At night, the ambience is very pleasant and they do some good evening time deals.

I would search out modern style restaurants that might include more vegetarian options, if you are interested in sticking with Catalan cuisine.

Orígens is one that should spring to mind. Traditional establishments would offer very little variety and you will have to explain that vegetarians do not eat chicken or fish as well as no dark red meat! Best thing to do is to ask at every place if they use it or not. They should know what this means in vegetarian restaurants or very specialised cheese shops but probably not in regular establishments. Thanks for the comment. Indeed, So there’s a debate about the use of rennet in cheese. That’s right! There’re some great Syrian and Lebanese restaurants that offer great meat and vegetarian dishes, I’d say if visiting with meat loving friends who do not look for to eat vegetarian.