Food Trucks In Bangalore: Tag: In India They Have Been Usually Seen At Sporting Events Or Festivals

barcelona food truck If you sit there you’ll miss all the fun, not a bit of a tapas bar. Cal Pep does have a cosy dining room at the back.

Better to stand up at the bar and watch Pep and his men working the stoves.

Nonfish’ eaters will also find plenty to eat, however -try the ‘atomic tortilla’ with butter beans and blood sausage. Although, So there’s no shtick here apart from superbly fresh seafood, served simply and on plates designed for sharing. Accordingly the fest is a brainchild of the foodies at Pebble, owner Syed Haris Ali says, We are all foodies and one day while talking business, now this idea struck us. Accordingly the model of the fest is inspired by the popular Barcelona Food Truck Fest. Poppers are served with a cheesy dip and Mexican salsa and make for an ideal ‘on the go’ snack, we think.

barcelona food truck Jalapenos Cheese Poppers (Rs -deepfried nuggets of melted cheese and jalapenos, was a perfect break from the regular vegetable nuggets.

The Big Red Machine -Srikanth V’s redish and blackish food truck comes with a quintessential truck horn that catches your sight easily.

Is currently run by Srikanth alone, parked at Indiranagar. Basically the truck was rolled out of the garage three friends about three years ago. Redish rice served with coleslaw, light red beans, cheesy sauce and vegetable rocket leaf salad -this mealinabowl had good balance of sweet and sour flavors. BBQ Cajun Spiced Chicken Winglets (Rs -grilled chicken with thick barbeque sauce and Cajun spice, were the highlight of our meal. Essentially, the rice bowl is also available in a chicken variant with chicken rocket leaf salad. Of course the Chipotle Rice Bowl (Rs is a ‘musttry’. As a result, the dish was a little spicy but definitely worth trying. For newbies to the foodtruck eating scene, we will tell you what you shouldn’t miss. Normally, chicken Wings in Barbeque Sauce from Fuel Up, Indian food and chaat from Foodipa, Beer Battered Fish and Chips from Wicked Chef, Schezwan Noodles from The Great Indian Bhukkad, Chicken Steak from Square Ruth, BBQ Smoked Chilli Cheese Hotdog from Spitfire and a huge kinds of burgers from SWAT.

There was a time when food trucks or pop up restaurants were a thing of the West.

The food truck culture is picking up fast in Bangalore.

In India, they have been usually seen at sporting events or festivals. With that said, from serving multiple cuisines to hamburgers, these trucks are the latest hot spots to grab a quick bite. Besides, the times are changing. Just a handful in quantity, the ‘deepfried’ potato fingers were ssed in a tangy dark red sauce with bell peppers, onion and garlic. Eventually, the potatoes were subtle sweet and could’ve been spicier.

It’s an interesting fact that the Honey Chilli Potatoes (Rs reminded us of the humble Chinese street food of Koramangala.