I Liked Her Already: Reasons You’d Better Go On A Wanderbeak Food Ur In Barcelona

barcelona food and culture Ugarit, albeit it has expanded to a few locations, had been maintaining the quality since I tried it for the first time many years ago.

They do a great lunchtime deal of 3 courses, including a drink, at a super cheap price.

Lots of love is put into their home cooking with fresh ingredients. Now this sweet little vegetarian is located in my neighbourhood and is run by a collective of friends which ensures that extra friendly service. Whenever during my walking urs in Barcelona I always get asked for recommendations for places to eat so let me guide you through the veggie scene in the city, as a local. It’s a well I know how much research goes into finding good vegetarian restaurants while on holidays, as an on and off vegetarian myself with a meat loving hubby. Contemporary Catalan cuisine is all about elevating the classic flavours of traditional dishes.

barcelona food and culture Spicy patatas bravas, and Barcelona’s famous bombas, you might just find yourself asking, Why bother, only after you’ve sat down at this bustling local tapas bar and feasted on ‘must eat’ tapas like pimientos de padron.

While sharing stories of Catalonia’s colourful history, tales of dragons and knights in shining armour, s not merely about getting from one foodie spot to the next as quickly as possible -instead she whisks you off to magical squares and meandering streets.

Marwa has clearly spent a bunch of time planning her food tour. It’s quite easy to find somewhere to stop and enjoy a quick meal, cafes and restaurants that serve tapas line the streets in Barcelona. Since we were there a few days, we had the opportunity to try out a few additional spots, we really enjoyed Onofre.

barcelona food and culture She does it with genuine enthusiasm and admirable depth Whether how the city’s Arabic and Jewish residents influenced the flavours of the city,, or revealing the reasons why Spanish restaurants hang legs of jamón in their windows.

She could share her passion for the city since Born in Egypt and raised in Canada, she later carved an immensely successful career in London but left it all behind to pursue her dream of moving to Barcelona and setting up her own tours.

It’s an interesting fact that the element that takes the Wanderbeak ur from being a ‘good tour’ to being a ‘great tour’ is the energy, charisma and knowledge of Marwa.

While meaning that I occasionally work with brands who compensate me for my time, eurolinguiste is a for profit blog. All products or services that I endorse or review are products or services that I would use even without being paid, and my opinions are my own. We can introduce ourselves properly over a drink! I liked her already. This is the case. Marwa suggested. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… After meeting Marwa. I was really rather surprised whenMarwa ok us to the famous mosaic made byJoan Fontcuberta -I’d never seen or heard of it! That’s right! Barcelona is one of those cities thatalways has something more to offer. Certainly, I’ve lived here for years now but I still get lost everytime I venture into the old town. I’ll let Marwa tell you all about that, named the Kiss of Freedom, it really is a magnificent pieceof street art with an unique and inspiring story.

Hell, I still get lost just wandering around my own neighbourhood.

I think half the joy of eating Spanish style is the social element that goes with it.

That’s what I enjoyed on the Wanderbeak tour,chatting withother foodie travellers and sharing the experience with likeminded people. However, that concept of the tapear is all about enjoying good food in the company of others. We gobbled down gourmet Spanish olives and beautiful little balls of bacalao while Marwa sharedthe first ofher many fascinatinginsightsof the day, revealingthe history of the bar and the delicious things we were shovelling gratefully into our mouths. For dinner we ate platters of extremely ultimately of this.

Tapas can be hot or cold dishes, and they are often combined to create a full meal. Common tapas dishes are olives, calamari, patatas bravas, croquetas, chorizo, and cheese. I also occasionally use affiliate links, that give me a small commission if you purchase the products or services I talk about in my posts. Now this in no way affects the price that you pay for the product or service in question.

As Marwa is all about makingsure everyoneon her urs eats and drinks like a local, the first round of tapas wasvermutstyle.Sweet and punchy, so this seductive fortified wine is what the Spanish drink as an aperitivo with something to pica to get the appetite going before lunch -it was just what I needed. Doughy goodness fried in peanut oil, sprinkled with Now, a little bit of sugar and double dunked in treacle thick hot chocolate, Spanish chocolate con churros are one of life’s simple pleasures. Unsurpisringly, Marwa is friends with the people who make the best churros in Barcelona! On the Wanderbeak food tour, however, things are different.