I Studied My History Books And Learned About The Country’s Role In Early Exploration: A Little Reflection … Lost In The Streets And Stories Of Spain

barcelona spain For accounting purposes, transfer fees are spread over the length of a player’s contract. Whenever traveling through Spain spoke to a history I share, in this way.

That very fact shifted my travel experience.

I don’t travel through Europe much mostly because of the expense, not out of lack of interest, and Spain reinforced this for me for the most part there’s rich history and interesting foods and peoples in any pocket of the world, and as a storyteller, my job was to explore and find them. Besides, in the tapas and sweet wines. In thegregarious conversations buzzing well into late evening at the city’s sidewalk cafes. For instance, I needed ‘arecalibrationof’ my traveling norms untilI lost myself in the beauty of Barcelona lost myself in the cathedrals and narrow, cobbled streets. For instance, whenever landing in an unfamiliar city … well, it threw me, my book launch was weeks away, Ana was stateside homeschooling herself for a week, and there I was.

Consequently, days passed before I adjusted to the new culture and to traveling solo again, a fact again reinforcing my ideas that the places I visit mirror back to me how I feel at that moment.

barcelona spain It just ok an adjustment, it would have been easy to hold that uncertainty against Barcelona itself.

I lamented the nuances of the Spanish language as my high school brain battled to grasp so.many.tenses.

Since childhood Spain pulled my focus and imagination. As I got older, the stories of Spain’s food culture fascinated me with equal parts excitement at the possibilities of new flavors and fear for my vegetarian sensibilities. I’m sure you heard about this. I often plopped myselfon my bed and gave intense focus to the photographs of the art and architecture in my travelmagazines. I studied my history books and learned about the country’s role in early exploration. Basically the people, history, and culture are so different than other parts of Spain. I love your story and your cultural awareness that you share. I enjoyed Barcelona -it’s one of my favorite cities in Spain. There’re many differences to note and enjoy, agreed Jeremy So there’s enough familiarity with that the culture is accessible.

barcelona spain Spain is on my list to revisit as well one week was not long enough! I love that even with open borders the countries have managed to maintain strong cultural identities. I appreciate you popping in and breaking the silence. For reading along. Oh yay, you made my day Will! To be honest I am doing and my brother.

Hi, yours is one of my favorite travel blogs.

I find you meet a lot more people when you travel solo. It’s a well my wife is now afraid to fly, and my brother has a new girl friend to travel with. It’s a completely different journey when you’re on the road solo, and I do think I have a lot more friends than I would have if I had gone as a part of a couple! It’s wonderful that you are still willing and eager to go it solo, sorry to hear that your wife and brother are no longer keen on traveling with you. Generally, so it is the story of a Florida girl who left her home to travel solo worldwide. Years later, I am still on this journey sometimes with my niece in w traveling slowly, and sharing stories and advice from life on the road. Loads of info can be found easily online. Though the United States lacks the Western history to have aGothicquarter, Know what, I identify with this story of the world.

I know what comes next in a way thatdoesn’texist in my personal story of the world when I reckon about Asia.

The return of those Spanish ships filled with riches from the new lands gold, chocolate, and coffee gave birth to my own country.

I know the Christian influences and the stories of Spanish port wns sending ships to the Americas. Then again, if I was in the business of ranking feelings of awe and I’m not Spain should sit in alternative place inside me than when I first scented tangy incense on the air in Bangkok and heard the lilting chant of monks at nearby temple. It was another sort of lost, though, to get lost in the European churches and echoes of Western history … it’s new and interesting but not foreign. Not in the way Asia shocks and jostles the senses in those first moments as a traveler shakes hands with the continent and gives a cautious hello.

By the way I began to enjoy Spain for what it was, not for how it compared to the sum of my past experiences, By walking the streets of Barcelona, I actually slowly shed my initial disorientation and I sunk into the travel experience. I pulled out my rusty Spanish, sampled the tapas, asked questions, and dug around for interesting answers. Look, there’re enough differences to appreciate their rich history and learn a few cultural lessons as well. Therefore, I love Europe. I think we can relate to much of its history and lifestyle, as you noted. Europe is this particular stark contrast to SE Asia I am sure. Anyways, I love contrasting and comparing the US and Europe.