Port Vell Restaurant Barcelona: Els Pescadors

port vell restaurant barcelona All the stained glass in the apse follows a plan of graduated nes to create an atmosphere suitable for introspection. Sèsam is certain to be popular with companies looking for somewhere special for corporate events, press launches and photo shoots, with Barcelona increasingly recognized as a thriving hub of many worldclass events.

It rises out of the sea and invites Barcelona to come in and join the party.

Sèsam will quickly become the place to go, and to be seen. That said, the reservation only Sèsam features valet parking and opens in October. Built on poles, there’s nothing like Sèsam anywhere in Barcelona, Nachoom explains.

So, one of TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Awards 2012 winners, Els Pescadors is as authentic as it gets. As the setting for your meal is a lovely terrace in a quaint square, be prepared for a genuine Mediterranean dining experience here ideal for those visiting Barcelona in summer.

port vell restaurant barcelona Whenever everything here goes scrumptious, specializing in Catalan dishes and seafood actually. And now here is a question. Wine lover? We recommend the fisherman’s rice or trying the Menu of the Day, that changes determined by the products they are able to buy from the market that morning, as for food. So this restaurant has on the basis of the resturants’ use of local produce, imaginative cuisine and ambiance. Whether cocktail swigging local there will always be something in Barca to suit your tastes and needs, or you’re a gluten free traveller

port vell restaurant barcelona Barcelona has more bars and restaurants per capita than any other city than Europe, however being so spolit for choice means you’re often left wondering how you sort the good from bad.

BWA, Dolphin, Elite Crew, Hello Yachts and Sotheby’s have already committed to office space.

Gallery is intended as an inviting area to receive guests and serves as the customer service center for the marina. Reception facility also includes a treatment room, nail bar and 25 offices, plenty of with terrace access, for lease. It features the MPV Beach Club, a dedicated crew area and terrace for relaxing with ample space and a gym. Restaurante Pez Vela provides great food accompanied by spectacular views. So it is a perfect place to start out a night on the wn as the beach area begins to buzz with activity when the sun sets. With that said, this ‘chiringuito’ in Barcelona is a pretty new spot in wn but has already made a name for itself in the city.

We recommend getting here somewhat early, around 8 or 9pm, to guarantee you get amidst the tables with top-notch views of the Mediterranean. Here you’ll find a straightforward delicious menu with many different kinds of paella types, with a lot of typical seaside cuisine. Seafood makes up a significant portion of the local diet in Barcelona and mostly there’re literally thousands of restaurants to choose from if you have a hankering for some tasty ‘mariscos’. As a result, for the most part there’re many fantastic markets in the city offering a wide selection of fresh products, just like the Mercat de la Boqueria on Las Ramblas, where you can grab some fresh ingredients and rustle up your personal fishy recipe in your Barcelona apartment. We recommend stopping by the original location in the Sants neighborhood, that was first opened in 1994 under the name ‘Shellfish’. Be prepared to walk up to the counter as if you’re ordering at the market, so this restaurant is selfservice and specializes in fish dishes.

La Paradetaserves up delicious seafood in an unique and informal dining setting, with everything fresh and cooked to order, with a few locations throughout Barcelona.

They weigh it out, wrap it up, and send it to the back to be cooked just the way you seek for it, when you’ve selected what you’d like.

Now this handson restaurant is great for groups and perfect for an entertaining family outing. One of Barcelona’s oldest standing restaurants, 7 Portes was established in 1836 and to this day continues to provide plenty of the city’s best seafood and paella dishes. Anyways, this classic restaurant is a must visit if you’re looking to enjoy a piece of Barcelona’s rich history. Now this one is a real treat.

Kitchen is open from 1pm to 1am without interruption, don’t worry about finding a time to get there.

The paella at this place is rumored to be the tastiest in all of Barcelona, even though everything on the menu is spectacular.

It even served the young Picasso back when he was living in the city! Everything is prepared in the traditional manner with the utmost care for most of the ingredients. That said, this restaurant had been offering an unique Galician cover traditional Spanish dishes since 1986…and everything is absolutely delicious, a bit pricier. Have a go at the sea cucumber with candied potatoes or the sashimi of scallops and sea urchin. Write For example, we recommend the delectable crab risotto or tartar of Bluefin Tuna. Feeling adventurous? Sèsam’s design seeks to integrate with the other architectures of the marina, whilst at really similar time understanding its place within the city of Barcelona says Sergi Carulla, SCOB founding partner.