Rick Steves Barcelona Hotels – And The Cold Beer Hit The Spot

rick steves barcelona hotels During our power through exercise we employed both personal recommendations and guidebooks.

This day they included some favorite churches around Piazza de Popolo.

Her local knowledge of the city and familiarity with the kinds of things we like added up to many plot points on our map. On later days Megan’s recommendations included a terrific outdoor market and a climb to the p of St. Our daughter, Megan, had spent a college semester abroad in Rome. Peter’s dome. This is the case. We had walked a couple of miles in the heat and we had another nine days to indulge in the county’s wines, Know what guys, I know that seems odd for our first beverage in Italy.

rick steves barcelona hotels Besides, the cold beer hit the spot.

In our hunger and fatigue, we ok a chance on a Osteria della Vite, a nice looking sidewalk cafe with huge cooling fans and cold beer.

Then the focaccia bread pizza was unique and satisfying. Turns out, therefore this was a pretty good stumble. Actually the couple, who were from New England, tell us they’ve returned multiple times since they found the food so delicious. We were similarly impressed. Osteria Barberini has a ‘nondescript’ door on an alley like street and you walk down a flight of stairs to a diminutive dining room. Gregarious owner tells us in English that his son, the chef, has some truffleinfused lasagna and ravioli as the day’s specials, and he highly recommends them.

It is our best meals in Rome came courtesy of TripAdvisor and an ur we booked.

rick steves barcelona hotels My wife, Susan, found that amidst the consumer review site’s p rated restaurants was near our hotel.


And therefore the couple at the next table nod and smile so we order a plate of any. Actually the stinky reception area polluted by the ‘chainsmoking’ attendant can be written off as just the way it still is in Europe. Certainly, the hazard signs along the dingy corridor to careworn rooms with ancient mattresses sent this one over the p or, more accurately, under the bottom. Price was mild in a very expensive city. Actually a Steves’ recommended hotel in Barcelona, Spain will forever be immortalized in Meyer family lore as the worst place we ever stayed.

Even I could not put lipstick on this pig.

The location was right, just off the Las Ramblas main drag and near near the central Placa Catalan.

I could have picked a pricier option among his multiple recommendations in the spirit of you get what you pay for, in order to be fair to Steves. It doesn’t always work out so idyllically. When the ‘good natured’ ribbing comes, still I take the blame and deflect Steves, whom I still uses as a resource -but with more critical analysis. You see, I wonder why he even had this one as a selection. Buza, virtually, means hole in the wall in Croatian, not slang for the result of adult beverage consumption. In Dubrovnik, Croatia, we sought out picturesqueBuza because of a mention in a Steves’ guidebook. So it is a place you are unlikely to stumble upon, nevertheless Old Town is compact. So this little bar clings like a barnacle to the outside of the city walls, as Steves puts it. We enjoyed cold drinks in this most spectacular setting and even slipped into the Adriatic on a hot and humid summer day, with tables on uneven surfaces amidst jagged rocks.

Emphasis is on the a.

Guidebooks are good ols for navigating spectacular vacation experiences -our corporate mission.

They have their limitations -See my post on the methods of Lonely Planet, another good, imperfect resource. Conversation with a friend or client adds perspective. Ratings and recommendations always carry a degree of subjectivity. Our own experiences, certainly, are added to the resource mix, and often become our strongest recommendations being that we are not relying on others. Jorge from San Juan, who has taken his kids on that Disney cruise; Allison from Vancouver, who has explored the Mekong; Marilyn from Brooklyn, who can provide a complete rundown of Jamaican resorts from personal experience; and Jane, transplanted from England to Laguna Hills, nobody knows exactly what to see and what to skip in her birthplace, we have the likes of Rick Steves’ writings to shall we know about Dubrovnik’s Buza.

Our hotel.

Reviews on TripAdvisor and Expedia Verified Reviews averaged to above four stars.

Actually a deal on our Expedia booking engine offered Hotel Majestic on Via Veneto for just about $ 100 a night when packaged with our Al Italia flight. An ideal deal that partially offset high airfares. It’s a well it turned out to be very nice and in a great part of town, steps away from a Metro stop and near the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain. So, I must mention one more powerful recommendation ol in the box -our people., like us, they thrive on mutually beneficial relationships with clients and colleagues. Judging from the conversations on our Facebook page, lots of us know that there is hardly a travel question so obscure that one of these experts can not answer -usually in minutes. Actually, our local team of 40 consultants, we are part of a network of 4000 Expedia colleagues from Canada’s Yukon Territory to San Juan, Puerto Rico.