Terminal 2 Taxi Rank: Barcelona Lowdown

barcelona airport hotel For its retro look, 1950s style is a wonderful vintage jersey, bright blaugrana coloring, lace up collar, and a valuable addition to any soccer jersey collection. Look, there’re 5 or 6 particular Regional Express trains a day from Barcelona to Móra la Nova. You will need to take L9 sud from airport to Collblanc metro stop where you transfer to L5 which takes you to Sagrada Familia metro station. I’d say in case you are arriving at terminal 1 consequently aerobus has advantage that it connects directly to Plaça de Catalunya. So in case you let me know where you are staying, I’ll be able to give you a more specific answer, as I said before. Basically, especially since you arrive at midday and leave early morning, Therefore in case you enjoy walking and plan your itinerary in a logical way you shouldn’t need to take public transport more than 4 times per day on average.

barcelona airport hotel You could take aerobus but you’d need to either take metro or a taxi from Plaça de Catalunya to your hotel or walk for 15 minutes. It’s a pleasant walk but best done without luggage. I’d say if you choose Aerobus from airport after that, you only after thru gates continue straight ahead and up a few steps therefore up a second escalator. You should take this seriously. At totop of escalator turn right and follow passageway round to metro station.

barcelona airport hotel Just thought of a quick tip.

When you catch train at airport try and get a seat close to back of totrain.

That way you’l minimise distance that you have to walk when you get to Clot Arago train station being that you’ll alight after platform nearest to toescalator. If you don’t have much luggage so it should take around 15 to 20 minutes to walk down La Rambla from Aerobus stop to Columbus monument. Now let me tell you something. Hello, going to be visiting Barcelona later this month and look for to use train so metro to get from airport to our apartment on Carrer de Casp near Arc de Triomf metro.

barcelona airport hotel Which train station must we use when changing to tometro?

Number 46 bus from airport costs just 10 per adult or 1 if you purchase a T10 travel card.

Besides, the adult single ticket can be purchased on bus although remember fact that driver won’t be able to change large bank notes. Anyway, you can’t purchase T10 on bus and would have to get one from machines at airport train station which will add more time to your journey. One T10 can be shared between all of you and could also be used fro airport train.

barcelona airport hotel I Hope this helps, Therefore if you have any more questions now you would want to ask. Last time you contacted me you were staying at Hotel Glories at Padilla 173, in which case most convenient station to catch train is Clot Aragó. It’s a well-known fact that the buses only run or race days, more information here. Alternatively you could take bus from Barcelona Estació del Nord. I reckon that there’s also a shuttle bus from station to track which costs around 1. Eventually, if you are arriving at terminal T2 so I suggest you catch train to Barcelona -Passeig de Gràcia therefore take metro L4 3 stops from there to toBarceloneta. So in case you are flying in to Barcelona airport T1 hereafter there is a free shuttle bus to terminal Note -there’s a tad of walking involved -between 5 and 10 minutes from passport control to train thence 5 minutes from train to metro at Passeig de Gràcia.

barcelona airport hotel Then the journey will take approximately half an hour, relying upon which terminal you arrive at and how lucky you are with connections.

Our plane arrive at 8.

Hi, By the way I am staying in Hotel BestPrice Gracia Hotel. Please explained me road by Aerobus and Metro. Could you please tell me what really was an awesome method get from Terminal T2 to our hotel. Let me tell you something. If I were you I’d take airport train from station at BCN terminal T2 to Barcelona -Passeig de Gràcia station and hereupon tometro. That’s right! I guess you’d catch train that leaves Barcelona Sants at 21 dot 03. Notice, alternatively you could take airport train from Terminal 2 to Barcelona Sants and after all from there to either Cambrils or L’Hospitalet de l’Infant. I think that Passeig de Gràcia is easiest place to make change from airport train to dark green line.

barcelona airport hotel I arrive at BCN airport at 04 dot 00 on a Monday and need to go to Hotel Canton. I leave again hotel on Thursday and need to be back at BCN airport at 07.Any simple solution please? Look, there’s a free shuttle bus which runs from terminal 1 to terminal The journey takes under ten minutes but as a rule of a thumb, allow about 15 to 20 minutes in tal to get from terminal T1 to train station. Anyway, this will cost you just under 1 any. Actually, assuming that you’re arriving before that last train cheapest way to get from airport to your hotel could be to purchase a T10 travel card and take train and metro.

So it’s an important update to my previous reply which is now out of date.

To get to your hotel you first need to take free shuttle bus from T1 to T2 and hereupon walk to train station as described in article above.

You must take L2 metro line two stops to Monumental metro station. From T2 you catch R2 train to Passeig de Gràcia train station. Make sure you drop suggestions about it. Since you enjoy walking thence I recommend you purchase TThe Hola BCN card only works out cheaper if you take public transport more than 6 times per day. Actually the cheapest way from airport to your hotel is to purchase a T10 travel card and use train from T2.

Actually the main drawback with bus number 46 and reason why I don’t usually recommend So it’s that, in addition to taking longer than toAerobus, look, there’re no luggage racks or storage space for suitcases and And so it’s normally quite full. That said, this means that you will probably have to hold your bags on your lap or on seat beside you. Besides, the new L9 sud metro line from Barcelona airport to city centre opened on February 12th This means that you can now purchase HolaBCN! As a result, t1 and T2. If you are staying near to Jaume I metro station / El Born thence airport train plus metro could also be a perfect choice. With that said, alternatively you could take a taxi which will cost around 35 and would take around 25 minutes.

From T1 both of options you mentioned will take about similar length of time to get to your hotel.

T10 ain’t valid for L9 sud airport metro whereas HolaBCN pass is.

Meaning that if you’re planning to purchase T10 you’d better take train from T2. Accurate and up to date advice, as a Barcelona resident it’s great to see a website with solid. Well done. Hello, To be honest I wanna ask about travel pass. The actual question is. Can I know where to redeem tovouchers? Hopefully you can help. I have purchased ‘Hola Bcn’ pass for our trip in Barcelona from TMB website that offers 10 discount after purchasing online.

Does they have vending machine to redeem voucher at El Prat Airport. Will arrive at ‘ElPrat’ airport on Sunday. Funnily enough I got asked a similar question last week and unfortunately it seems that if you purchase a Hola BCN card via TMB website so you won’t be able to redeem voucher at toairport. Congrats for your blog. Your hotel is a five minute walk from Arc de Triomf. Plenty of info can be found easily by going online. You said that you are travelling at night. Now pay attention please. What time will you be arriving exactly? Besides, if your flight lands at Barcelona airport terminal 1 so you will also need to catch free shuttle bus from T1 to TThere’s more information about shuttle bus between airport terminals in article above. However, from here you catch metro L5 to Sagrada Familia. You should take this seriously. Your hotel is 2 blocks away from metro station.

Take airport train to Barcelona Sants train station. Enjoy your stay in Barcelona and if you have any more questions it is a good idea to ask. If you look for to use a T10 travel card therefore you can take train from train station at Barcelona airport terminal 2 to Passeig de Gràcia. From here you can after that, catch metro to Drassanes metro stop which is close to Christopher Columbus monument where you can catch T3 Portbus to your cruise ship. If it turns out that you are staying at other Carrer de Ricart let me know and I’ll give you will be better off with, and on p of that when I am on my return journey home opposite way round. Hi, great site! I also intend to go to circuit de Catalunya a couple of times which is making it even more difficult for me to decide where top-notch value is. I have read article above but cant decide which is most suitable option for me. Let me tell you something. Bus number 46 from terminal 2 to Plaça Espanya costs just It’s about a 30 minute walk from bus stop to your hotel.

Cheapest way is to take train which costs just Regular commuter trains run from Barcelona Sants to Montmeló. At which terminal and what amount are in your group I’ll try to give you a more exact itinerary generally speaking totrain/metro combination is an ideal option for that area of tocity, Therefore if you tell me more about when you should be arriving. Much appreciated. Return trip will have to be by taxi. Yes, that’s right! Now I just have to define better ones not to miss!! Thanks very much for your very prompt and thorough reply. Usually, one again thanks for a great website filled with useful info. Now pay attention please. Do we ask hotel to arrange for that and is there an additional surcharge or should it just be @ 40 euros Will probably select t10 ticket and train upon arrival. I am a vegan so I also really appreciated your list of vegetarian restaurants. Enjoy Barcelona and shall we know which options you chose and how it worked out for you!

Take airport train from station at T2 to Barcelona Sants and from there take metro L5 to Sagrada Familia. Train and metro stations at Barcelona Sants are linked by a large vestibule with a few shops and bars. You consequently need to go through ticket barriers which are straight in front of you. When you get off train take escalator or lift up from platform to tovestibule. Lines R1, RG1, R3 and R4 all stop at Barcelona Sants and Plaça de Catalunya. Although, you will see ticket machines where you can print your free rodalies train ticket next to entrance to commuter trains platforms.

When you get off train at Barcelona Sants and enter main station concourse turn right.

We going to be in Barcelona only 2 days and after all head to Rome.

Some traveler recomends we must take a bus ur around tocity, redish and light blue lines so we can stop by any places and after that continue toroute. Is it a perfect idea, Richard? Tal journey time from airport to your hotel gonna be around half an hour and a quarter. By time you arrive at Plaça de Espanya metro should be running so you can thence take greenish line metro 3 stops to Drassanes which is a short walk from your hotel.

I might be taking train from Madrid to Barcelona in March I heard with AVE ticket, I can get on Rodalies connection from Barcelona Sants station to Pl.

Is this true?

Will I be able to use 10trip Metrobus ticket on Rodalies for this connection, Therefore if not. For instance, catalunya for free. What do if it is. From there you can catch dark yellow line metro. I’d say if you arrive before 11 dot 38 pm therefore you can take train from T2 to Passeig de Gràcia train station. Among to most comfortable and stress free ways to go from Barcelona airport to city is also by booking a private transfer, including meet greet at arrival lounge. 20, 08930 Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona that’s on northern outskirts of Barcelona, if full address is Carrer de Ricart.

Thank you for detailed information!! I will travel morrow and this blog post helped me a lot! Staying at Sant Agusti hotel. Hi. Four women. We are arriving 10pm on a sunday. Taxi from airport to your hotel will cost about 8 per person. On p of that, entire journey from airport to Joanic counts as one journey and works out at 1 per person using TYou can buy T10 from vending machines at airport train station. Generally I recommend T10 travel card which entitles you to 10 trips by train/metro/bus/tram and can be shared between 2 or more people. It’s a well-known fact that the price depends on whether you purchase single tickets or a travel pass. Fact, there will also be a supplement if you have large suitcases. In your case this will include a supplement for airport drop off and for early departure. Personally I prefer to use train / metro combination if I have time. Therefore if you are staying in centre of wn consequently aerobus is a decent choice. Certainly, it will take a bit longer but is considerably cheaper.

Have a great time in Barcelona and if you have any more questions now you’d want to ask. Hotel Cortés is next to Plaça de Catalunya so I recommend that you take aerobus which will cost 90 and take aproximately 35 minutes. You can buy T10 from machines at airport train station, they accept cash or credit cards. We may be arriving in morning next week. We should be staying at Hotel Sagrada Familia, what’s another cool way to get there from Bcn airport. Consequently, ticket agency or another website I suggest you send them a Email to ensure, Therefore if you bought your tickets from a travel agent. T1 and T2.

New metro line from Barcelona airport to city centre opened on February 12th This means that you can now purchase HolaBCN!

Hotel is near Glories metro stop so If I were you I’d catch train and later metro.

So in case you purchase a T10 travel pass this would cost you just under 1 Euro per person. Passeig de Gracia -This station is closest to centre of Barcelona and connects with metro lines L2, L3 and L4. Consequently, fastest and cheapest way from airport aren’t identical mode of transport! Therefore, fastest way of getting from airport to Joanic metro station may be to take a taxi which will cost around 30 and will take about an hour relying on which terminal you arrive at, time of day and totraffic.

Sorry but I’ve no experience with either of companies you mentioned. Thing that puts me off shared hotel transfers usually is that you never know exactly when they are planning to depart or how many hotels they are preparing to stop at before they get to yours. See links in article above for metro map and train timetables. Vouchers can be redeemed at automatic ticket vending machines in most of to metro stations by selecting to‘voucher’ button and entering to’13digit’ code. Multiday travel card Hola BCN! A well-known fact that is. Thanks for tofeedback, I’m glad you found information useful. It’s very helpful. Therefore, I am thinking to take a taxi on Sat night as your recommendation. Thank you Richard for your information. Alternatively, determined by what time your flight lands, you could also think about changing at El Prat de Llobregat and taking R2S train line from there to Vilanova I la Geltrú to connect with R15 train line. That said, this option could’ve been especially relevant if you are arriving at terminal T1 being that instead of getting free shuttle bus to T2 you could take airport metro straight to El Prat Estació. So night buses are covered by T10 ticket whereas Hola BCN travel pass is NOT valid for night bus.

So night bus which will take about 60 minutes and 45 minutes. Take N7 from in front of Glories shopping centre to Plaça Universitat thence N17 from there to toairport. Thanks for reading and for pointing out toerror, I’ve now corrected topost. Paral.lel -Llanca bus stop. Then again, since you are only travelling with hand luggage, alternatively you could also catch number 46 bus from airport to toAv. Therefore this would be slower than Aerobus being that it’s less frequent and for the most part there’re more stops along way but bus stop is nearer to your hotel, it’s also cheaper than toAerobus. I did this exact same journey last month and it ok about 60 minutes. We just stop by London for transit so on way we come back to Houston so as you said, we can claim tax duty refund at last country we visit, it means Barcelona airport.

Thanks for clearing it.

Most airlines recommend that you are at airport 2 hours before international flights.

Which means you need you should better be at airport at 30 am. As for return journey. Certainly, enjoy your stay in Barcelona and if you have any further questions now you’d want to ask. Trains to Montmeló leave from Passeig de Gràcia train station and cost Once you arrive at Montmeló it’s about a 30 minute walk from train station to race track. By the way, the Aerobus plus a single metro ticket will cost 05 whereas T10 costs 95 and can be shared by two or more people and is valid for 10 journeys. Basically the decision as to whether it’s worth purchasing T10 will depend on exactly how many people are in your party and what amount journeys you might be taking in Barcelona. You should take this seriously. I recommend you take Aerobus which takes about an hour from airport to Plaça de Catalunya.

Hopefully it will I know that this information doesn’t since you’ve already bought your tickets.

Barcelona Tourism website or wait and buy it from to urist information offices at Barcelona airport when you arrive.

So if you decide to purchase a HolaBCN! Trains depart every 30 minutes from 42am 11 dot 38pm. You should take it into account. You could ask hotel to call you a taxi but there would’ve been a surcharge added. Diagonal metro station is connected to Provença FGC train station where you can catch a train to Universitat Autònoma. By the way, the T10 allows 10 integrated trips which means that you can change between train/ metro/ bus and tram in identical journey and it only counts as one trip.

It’s also worth noting that one T10 can be shared between 2 or more people.

It’s card that most locals use, So in case you’re in Barcelona for a few days it’s good idea to buy.

T10 costs 95 which works out at less than 1 per trip if you use it 10 times. That said, if you are arriving very early in day hereafter it looks like HIFE run a direct bus from toairport, I’m pretty sure I know you asked about trains. Eventually, if you purchase a T10 ticket from machines at airport train station this will cost 1 per person and according to connections will take about few minutes. Thank you very much for help. Being that there are only two trains per hour and it requires a few minutes to walk from train station to toterminal.

So advantage of train is that you can use travel cards just like T10 or HolaBCN!

Will cover few of attractions throughout the day.

What kind of ticket I must purchase for three of us. Arriving in airport in morning and leaving next day. Furthermore, we are three staying for one night. Need to go to City centre and come back next day. Which terminal will you arrive and depart and at what time? Only one problem can be finding one which has a safety seat to carry your infant. There is some more info about it here. With a tad of luck there going to be one available although you may have to wait a few minutes.

You might also consider bringing a baby seat with you from home. When you arrive at taxi rank tell marshal that you need a six seater taxi with a baby seat. Take T2 train from terminal 2 to Barcelona Sants station after that, either R1, R3 or R4 to Arc de Triomf train station. Besides, the airport train would’ve been a decent choice for that address. Known this post outlines options available for getting from Barcelona airport to your hotel, hostel or apartment. Arrival time, number of people in your party, that part of city you are staying in and your budget, Which one is best for you depends on a couple of factors including. Anyway, instead of transfering to tometro, station at Arc de Triomf is also a train station so, it’s easiest to take airport train to Sants and after that another train from there to your apartment.

You may well miss last train, if you are arriving at T1 with checked bags. In my experience it will take between 30 and 40 minutes for checked luggage to arrive at luggage carousels at Terminal T1. A1 which goes to terminal T1 and A2 which goes to terminal T2, If you chose this option, so do not forget that for the most part there’re 2 Aerobus routes. When you return to airport on Thursday you could catch metro from Drassanes to Plaça de Espanya and take Aerobus from there to toairport. Then again, this will take around 45 minutes. You could take L9 sud but it would’ve been more for ages being that T10 ain’t valid for metro from toairport. So this would take approximately 30 minutes and cost around 30. Basically the fastest and most convenient way to get from airport to your hotel would’ve been by Taxi. Plenty of information can be found easily online. Assuming that your BnB is near de Plaça d’Espanya so, as you have said it could be convenient to use toAerobus.

Children under four travel for free on toAerobus, adult fare is 90 one way.

Plaça d’Espanya is first stop when travelling from airport to Barcelona city centre.

From Plaça d’Espanya it will take about 10 to 15 minutes to walk to your BnB. Certainly, I started writing a post about this last December but never got round to finishing it! Seriously. Thanks for your very timely comment. Take escalator up from platform and check screens to see which platform onward train departs from, when you arrive at Sants train station. I think that it’s normally platform 8, Arc de Triomf is second stop. Barcelona City Novotel is at Av. Diagonal number 201 -right? I’m sure it sounds familiar. Take train from terminal T2 to Barcelona Sants train station to For example, from here take metro L5 3 stops to Diagonal metro station.

With intention to be able to give you p possible advice, Know what guys, I need you to tell me name or address of your hotel, that terminal you fly in to and at roughly what time? I guess it must be possible although I’ve never heard of anyone walking to toairport. That Hola BCN card is calendar days so if you arrive in evening you Then the decision about Hola BCN card largely depends which mode of transport you plan to use to and from toairport, how adverse are you to walking and your arrival and departure times.

For future reference, here’s a couple of links showing where totourist information offices are located in terminal T1 and T2. Another option would’ve been to use MyTaxi app which doesn’t add any surcharges as far as I am aware. Accordingly the taxi will have a sticker like that in window with more information. 2 zone T10 should cover all the foregoing trips plus give you 4 additional journeys on tometro/train/bus/tram for just 19 dot 60 so better value over all. Certainly, advantage of HolaBCN is that you can buy one for duration of your journey and don’t need to worry about how many times you take tometro, bus or tram. Although, great if you like to do your planning on tofly. That T10 can be shared between two or more people so you just buy one and hereupon buy another when it runs out.

If you have any questions how about to ask, hopefully info in links should be useful. Enjoy your trip. You don’t need to go outside, terminal is connected by a covered foot bridge directly to airport train station. Your easyJet flight lands at Terminal T2B, as you come out of security / luggage reclaim turn left and follow light yellow line on floor and signs to train station. Let me tell you something. Hopefully this helps, let me know if there’s anything you’re not clear about. Going by public transport, I believe that p way must be to take Bus Plana bus from Barcelona airport Terminal T1 to Cambrils. We are staying at hotel sagrada familia, what’s cheapest way to get from Bcn terminal 1?

I guess you mean between Cambrils and Miami Platja -right?

Directed us to Metro station at airport where we got our tickets, it’s easy.

AIRPORT information. We bought our discounted Hola ticket online and we used vending machine at airport to redeem for Hola tickets by simply putting in tocode. Essentially, we were looking for Tourism information at toairport. We could not find any such counter. I agree that information on website is confusing. Thanks for your comment, I’m glad everthing worked out for you. Interesting that you mention for a while being that last year Uber was banned in Spain on grounds of unfair competition. Up a short flight of about 4 steps up another escalator, right after again there’s no need to go outside… Simply go through ticket barriers after that, walk straight ahead. On p of this, train arrives at platform 2, from here take escalator up to tovestibule. You can find some more info about it on this website. At totop of escalator turn right after that, follow passageway round tocorner, past dunking donuts and to metro station.

Then the train station and metro station are linked together. I’d say if your flight lands at terminal 1 after that, you should get free shuttle bus to for a while being that metro which also links two terminals is NOT covered by toT10. If you tell me a little more about your plans it will p possible advice. Are we looking for a machine or a ticket desk? Now regarding aforementioned fact… Little bit lost before we’ve even arrived Any help?? As a result, it states we can collect passes at airport in terminal 2 but doesn’t actually tell you were. I have purchased Hola BCN Travel pass for our trip to barcelona. Just keep reading. You must catch free shuttle bus to terminal T2 which takes about 10 minutes.

Therefore if you are landing at T1 and are travelling with only hand luggage after that, you could you need to have loads of time to catch last train which leaves airport at 23 dot 38 and if you are lucky you will probably be able to catch 23 dot 08 train. On arrival at terminal 2 it’s a good idea to follow Green line painted on toground. There’re also lifts available. You hereafter walk for a while covered bridge which leads to train station. Notice, turn back on yourself and go up toescalators, as you enter terminal building. Then again, you seek for to take for a while being that it’d slightly nearer to your hotel which is 2 blocks from tostation. Although, you’ll see that loads of us are aware that there are pictograms indicating which exit to take for tobasilica, when you arrive at Sagrada Familia metro station. Most straightfoward option may be to take train from airport and single train tickets days that you go to tocircuit. For example, tal price 19 dot 95 but with advantage of 8 journeys left over for sightseeing in Barcelona.

Your hotel is 2 blocks from metro station, about a five minute walk.

Intention to be honest.

Especially since you arrive on a Saturday night, I’d prefer to get to hotel as quickly as possible and hereupon go out and start enjoying nightlife! With a bunch of 6 people travelling gether my first choice must be a taxi, intention to be honest. Now, a 6 seater taxi from airport to this address will cost you about Six seater taxis are fairly common at airport nowadays. Notice that in this case you could take aerobus to Plaça de la Universitat thence take N8 night bus from there to Plaça Pau Vila which is near your hotel. You could also take a night bus from airport but it for awhileer. Now let me tell you something. Alternatively, Therefore if you think that you could be using metro a lot during your stay hereafter you could purchase a Hola BCN travel pass.

In this case you could take L9 metro from airport to Collblanc and light blue line and take train 5 stops to El Clot -Aragó train station.

I also asked whether they refund cost of train ticket to city centre when you redeem voucher and they said no.

They went on to point out that you must be able to use Hola BCN! Hi should I use T10 card. There’s no direct public transport connection from Barcelona airport to cruise terminals.

Clearly you can use pass for airport train. BUT when you click through 10percentage discount link to Barcelona Smart Moving website, it says that you can either redeem vouchers at ticket machines in metro stations or have card posted to you. Since your flight arrives at 4am the main public transport option at that time might be to take night bus. Can I take commuter rail from my hotel at Sol to Madrid Atocha Train Station? With that said, does it apply in Madrid consequently unfortunately you won’t be able to collect your travel passes at toairport.

Thanks for your comment. I don’t think that So there’s really any stigma in using taxis. I am flying into BCN and staying in Girona. One problem I am having is doing best in order to find out what’s p option getting back for flight home which leaves at 30am on a Saturday. Seriously. What should you suggest as better option for getting to airport that early and from Girona. Earliest bus arrives at airport T2 at 55 and ten minutes later at T1. I think that the main budget option at that time of day is direct bus from Girona to Barcelona airport.

Route No.

If you choose train option so 6 journeys will cost you 18 dot 20.

You could also use airport train to get from Terminal 2 to Passeig de Gràcia train station which would cost It’s a huge bit faster than bus and closer to your hotel. Definite advantage when carrying heavy luggage. Keep reading! If you are lucky it will take just over half an hour in tal to get from terminal for awhile it will take depends on how lucky you are with for any longer being that there are only 2 trains per hour. Please could you advise on better mode of transport from BCN Airport to our apartment near Sagrada Familia.

By the way, the Aerobus to Plaça de Catalunya and later L2 metro?

For a while both journies take please?

Will it be to get Hola BCN card and take L9 Metro to Colblanc and after all L5 metro? It’s an interesting fact that the faster of those two options might be to take Aerobus and later change to metro L2 at Plaça de la Universitat The journey should take about 50 minutes. Furthermore, it’s essential that you get free ticket from tomachines, you can’t just get on commuter trains with your AVE ticket. Your AVE ticket entitles you to a free commuter train ticket in both Barcelona and Madrid, as you will see answer is yes. On p of that, article above explains how to get to airport train station. Of course if you are staying in London after Barcelona you will have to get tax forms stamped by customs before you check your luggage in for flight from London to Houston, despite last years BREXIT vote, UK is currently still a member of EU and will continue to be until some amount of time in as far as I understand it.

So information on website is a bit ambiguous, intention to be honest. On page where it describes privileges of travel pass it states. Barcelona and metropolitan area on public transport. With your Hola BCN! Eventually, as many journeys as you need! Also, hello, could you please advise me some good cheap private transportation for 14 people from EL Prat to Hotel Catalonia Rigoletto? Thanks a lot! Basically, once on train it’s best to try and get sideways facing seats that run parallel for ages being that there’s more legroom and space for your luggage. Ok, and now one of most important parts. T3 Portbus costs 3 and has to be paid for in cash on tobus, Undoubtedly it’s not covered by toT10. Can I get train direct from airport to Mora la Nova or do I need to travel to Barcelona Sants first therefore catch a completely different train from there?

Hi, im flying into Barcelona next month but hereafter travelling inland to a place called Mora la Nova. What really was my best option using totrain? As for claiming back VAT. It’s not something which I’ve ever done I think that you have to get tax forms stamped by customs officials in last EU country which you are visiting, as a EU resident. That’s right! You could also try to flag a taxi down in street or there’s a taxi rank just round corner from your hotel, you may have to wait a few minutes at this time of night. Anyways, at Sagrada Familia metro station many of us know that there are a choice of elevators, stairs or escalators up from platform to vestibule after that, lifts or stairs up to street level.

I was wondering what really is p way for me to get from Barcelona Airport to Marina metro station.

If I ok renfe train and got it to El Clot Arago station do gonna be on my own at night?

Which way would’ve been tosafest? I was preparing to take l9 sud but for awhileer. You could also catch L1 metro to Plaça d’Espanya or Plaça de Catalunya and later A1 Aerobus from there to Terminal This will be slightly faster but cost a little more. With that said, timetables and rates are linked to in article above.

We will travel from Houston to London, and arrive Barcelona on May 13th, 2017 at 10 dot 20 pm and we will stay at Pension Palacio. You know about tax for awhile being that we are planing to buy some brandname clothes and wondering where we must claim it, at Barcelona or London airport, right? Thank you for your help. That said, can you please we will know how to get from airport to our hostel?

Since UK left toEU.

Many thanks Richard for your detailed info.

Going to be this ok? What about L9 orange metro line from T1 up to Terrassa Station and L1 redish metro line up to Glories Station? Moreover known asBarcelona el Prat or simply BCN. I will write about both of these airports in a separate article since they are NOT in Barcelona. With all that said… My current favourites are Sésamo and Rasoterra, as for vegetarian restaurants.

Both are very popular so at weekend it’s best to book.

One T10 advantage is that it comes handy when you want to transfer between metro, train, bus and tram as part of a single journey.

I’d say in case you think you might seek for to use public transport for travelling round Barcelona or there’s more than one in your group you’d better think about buying a T10 travel pass. For shuttle bus I know it’s best to take ramp down to toright. You will hereafter see a sign which guides you to ramps down to tobuses. Walk straight ahead that you pass between taxi ramp and caffe de fiorre coffe bar, as you leave baggage reclaim. Thank you in advance! What really is fastest way and definitely cheapest way. We need to go from BCN airport to Joanic subway station. Accordingly the platform you seek for is signposted as L3 Zona Universitària.