The Convent Once Stood Where The Market Was Since 1836: La Boqueria Market

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Their ads have invaded your Facebook feed and their printed materials are likely thrown all over the entrance to your apartment building. Or if you’re in a hurry, you might like to buy some food to take away from amidst the many stalls that offer this option, if you can’t find a place to sit within the market.

We must add that plenty of the most wonderful products on sale in the market, especially in the summer months, are the freshly squeezed juices that the majority of the greengrocers’ stalls sell.

You might even find some special offers on these products, I’d say if you happen to be walking through the market wards the end of the day. Its actual name is el Mercat de Sant Josep, as you’ll see from its distinctive sign as you enter from Las Ramblas, albeit most people know the market as La Boquería. It’s a well-known fact that the convent once stood where the market had been since 1836. Keep reading! The name originates from the old convent of the Carmelitas Descalzos, who were popularly known as Josepets because of their worship of San José.

Whether it’s local produce or from all over the world, the market has that is always of better quality.

Or a meal in the restaurants in the market, as well as buying things in the market stalls you can also stop for a drink in the bars.

Meats, nuts and dried fruits, seafood and fish, preserves, fruit and vegetables can all be found in abundance. Amongst them, two of the most authentic where you’ll be able to taste the high quality of the products are the historic Pinotxo Bar, run by its charismatic owner Juanito, and El Quim de la Boqueria, masterfully led by its owner Quim. There’s still a great atmosphere there at this time of day, but there won’t be as many urists as later in the day, the best times to visit La Boqueria is first thing in the morning.