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barcelona food app Basically the owners of any establishment – loads of whom beyond doubt is good friends of Marwa’s -come out to say hello and double check if you’re enjoying everything. These 10 necessary Barcelona apps might be categorized by transportation, city guides, sports and shops.

Simply scan or click on relevant QR code, intention to download toapp.

All of them are available for both iOS and Android operated phones. Anyways, that’s also official app created by Renfe, a middle and long distance train operator in Spain. You see, app also provides users with route planning, time table, and schedule change, however for middle and long distance trains, that is useful when you seek for to travel to Barcelona’s suburbs and akin cities in Spain. Therefore, moreover you can conveniently buy your train ticket directly through your phone and show it to train conductor without having to print it out.

barcelona food app Bicing is bicycle sharing system in Barcelona introduced to Accordingly the main purpose of bicing app Barcelona is to give bicing users real time information about station maps, that station is close to your location and number of available bikes at that time. With that said, this app also offer interactive map to after that,, app is only available in Spanish. Then, this official app of Fútbol Club Barcelona is your direct communication channel with club and place to find all latest information, photos, videos, news, live match commentaries, tweets, interactive games and identical innovative services, all about your favourite players. Every route will have estimated time of arrival, means of transport and designated station so you can plan journey easily. You should take it into account. Most important feature is ‘real time’ search for travel directions from place to place by metro and bus.

It provides information about metro, bus lines and stops around tocity’s urban area.

So it’s official mobile app from TMB, main public transport management company in Barcelona metropolitan area.

You can track any bus or metro stations around you with GPS. IBeach will display information about temperature, waves, wind and identical weather indicators, after you choose one particular beach. And similar users should do same you can know, when you come to beach and see jellyfish you can put an alert to warn people. Ibeach offers list of beaches in Barcelona and allover Spain.

barcelona food app That said, this app will enable you to enjoy beautiful beaches in Barcelona even more.

One of the things I find very useful is jellyfish alert function.

So here is a question. You wouldn’t look for to go to beach full of those squishy venomous animals, should you? And therefore the coolest feature IMO is Augmented Reality mode.Once arrived at tophoto’s destination you can use Augmented Reality mode to scan the position and check for instance how a building or a street has changed over time. So if you are football fan or FC Barcelona actually hereafter you won’t look for to miss this app. View player profiles and stats or toclub’s history etcetera you can follow match live with photos and videos, when you can’t go to stadium or watch it on TV, with this app you can get latest results and league tables.

Folletos Carrefour provides its users current offers and brochures of all Carrefour supermarkets.

It’s especially useful when your Spanish isn’t good enough to ask staff where every items is located.

Share to friends or add to your shopping list, Within those interactive brochures, you might be able to see any item’ details, image. Instead show them your shopping list and save time for both sides. You might wonder how Barcelona looked centuries ago. On p of that, every photo has its own description and is marked on toapp’s interactive map. Now pay attention please. BCN Visual contains many photos of buildings and street in Barcelona decades or centuries ago. Take a look at this cool app. As a result, I desperately watched a guy who arrived just a few seconds earlier than me ok last one, when I arrived. Mobile app showed only 2 bikes left at that station, if I was coming to get a bike.

With friendly interface and mostly graphic icons, available language is only Spanish and Catalan Undoubtedly it’s still easy to use for ‘nonSpanish’ speaking users.

As the actual number of bike in every station can change very fast, my personal tips for you when using this app is to hit refresh button frequently especially during rush hours.

You can either find place by categories like Food drink, Hotels, Attractions, and Shopping and similar or use interactive map to locate yourself and find points of interest around you.

Then the app is tally in English and very easy to use. As a result, moreover you can find and book an ur around city in Tickets/tours section. Basically the feature I find most useful is offline selfguided tour, where your personal and it’s tally free! Beside Spanish fashion and apparel brands like ZARA or Bershka and their apps are already famous, it my be insignificant to bring up here.

In this section I will mention only Barcelona mobile apps of grocery stores as they are pretty darn important.

In my point of view it’s top-notch.

Fans of traveling probably know about Tripadvisor already. In offline mode and there’re only specific numbers of cities available, its purpose is to provide users with vast information about attractions. Bars restaurants and all that stuff of specific city, just like its website. Eventually, tripadvisor’s city guide Barcelona app is one of a kind city guide app in Barcelona. However, do you know about their city guide app? That said, luckily Barcelona is included. Generally, height and weight for toprofile, when you first logged in app will ask your age. If you need to try and make sure, By the way I would love to see those medals in comments section, I really doubt my possibility to do that. It’s a well it’s said that everyone who finishes all 23 route gonna be rewarded with a digital medals. Whether airplane, or you arrive to Barcelona by train, ship

Grab your ‘internetconnected’ smartphone and let transportation mobile apps Barcelona do rest for you.

Another big grocery chain in Barcelona is Dia.

In return it offers management of your discount coupons. On p of that, it requires you to login, their app’s feature is pretty similar to the afore-mentioned Folletos Carrefour. There’s more info about it here. Coming to Barcelona with a smart phone in hand, your thinking, is there any Barcelona apps I need to make my life easier in this dynamic city?